Baptist Bible Fellowship InteBBFIrnational



After serving twenty-two years with the Baptist Bible Fellowship International in South Africa, Dr. Don Mingo and his wife Kathy partner again with this wonderful organization.

Don and Kathy are endorsed by the Baptist Bible Fellowship, the BBFI Missions Office, the BBFI Missions Committee, and Ventura Baptist Church to offer services to its missionaries in conjunction with the Associate Director of Missionary Care.

Don describes their role as, “Frontline missionary first responders coming alongside of missionaries helping them serve longer and stronger in ministry.”

Don and Kathy train with PCCI to become the best Christian Leadership Missionary Coaches Possible. PCCI is approved and certified with the International Coach Federation.

VenturaBaptistChurch Sending Church

Don and Kathy are sent out by the Ventura Baptist Church in Ventura, California. They are commissioned with the task of assisting BBFI missionaries through coaching, counseling, and care helping them serve longer and stronger in accomplishing the task of our Savior Jesus Christ to make disciples of all nations.